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Helping Youth Overcome Obstacles and Eliminate Excuses

Helping youth overcome obstacles and eliminate excuses. Success starts here.

Today’s youth face challenges that often leave them discouraged and destroy their futures. Poverty, low self-esteem, fatherless and single parent homes, bullying, teen pregnancy, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, and lack of motivation are just a few of the many challenges they deal with daily. Many do not understand how to express their feelings, manage these challenges, and overcome their obstacles to achieve success.

The S.O. What! Foundation provides hope, love, support, encouragement, direction, and training to help youth equip youth to deal with life’s challenges, make good decisions, and prepare for their futures. 











Our youth learn to say, “S.O. What!” to their challenges and “S.O. Now What?” to take steps to improve their situations.












Real, Immediate Impact

Participants report:

  • They learned something meaningful

  • They felt better about themselves

  • They would like to participate in more S.O. What! Foundation programs

  • They are more self-confident

  • They are more motivated about their futures

  • They will share what they learned and encourage a friend to participate in
    S.O. What! Foundation programs

  • They are more knowledgeable and comfortable talking about life issues including emotional, mental, physical, and sexual health

  • They have a better understanding of the importance of school achievement now and how it impacts their future

  • They are more knowledgeable about money and how to get, save, and invest it

  • They have an increased interest in reading and learning



We are up to the challenge

Many youth are hurting, confused, angry, and lost. With the right youth development programs addressing academic performance, personal development, and challenge management, they can be successful regardless of the obstacles in their lives.


Through workshops, mentoring, and retreats, The S.O. What! Foundation helps youth achieve success by focusing on these key areas:  

                 Academic Achievement                            
Personal Development                              Challenge Management







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